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  • Managing Tension

    Managing Tension

    Anyone who’s ever picked up a racquet, from beginners to world class players, has experienced tension while on the court. It’s that feeling of nervousness, anxiety, excitement or fear stemming […]

  • Confronting Tennis Injuries

    Over a lifetime of playing tennis (with a lot of baseball and football thrown in), I’ve incurred quite an array of injuries along the way. From top to bottom—shoulder (partially […]

  • Synchronize Your Body to the Ball

    Synchronize Your Body to the Ball

    A very common problem I see often on the court is that players are too upright when hitting their shots. This results in the racquet having to compensate and can […]

  • The Slice Backhand

    The Slice Backhand

    I’m asked a lot about the slice backhand and what makes it tick. Here are what I feel are the essentials: Use the Continental grip! A very slight backhand or […]

  • Efficient Practice

    Efficient Practice

    Something I hear a lot from players is that despite practicing a great deal and feeling good about whatever it was they practiced, once they play a match it seems […]


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